April 29, 2022
3 months and 4 days left
until our reunion.
* TJ - 50th Reunion Mixer - April 29, 2022 - Ozona Bar & Grill - 7-11pm.
* TJ - 50th Reunion Party - April 30, 2022 - Park City Club - 7-11pm.

* TJ - 50th-Golf and Clay Shoot - April 29, 2022 - 12 NOON.
 * TJ - BOYZ & GIRLZ LUNCHEON - February 23, 2022 -1:45pm - main dining room 
** CLICK HERE - For Reunion Update - 04-27-2021
** CLICK HERE- For Reunion Invite - 10-15-2021
** CLICK HERE- For Golf Invite - 10-15-2021
** CLICK HERE- For Clay Shoot Invite - 11-04-21     
 * TJ - TJRFB Luncheon on February 5, 2022 - at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse - 11:45am
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TJ 1971
TJ 1971
TJ School Song

Hear our proud voices, sing our praises true.
Sing of our firm devotion to our school.
Beside us stands God to guide us in the right.
Thomas Jefferson, the red and blue, 
evermore to reign.
Welcome to the TJ - 1971 Website

We encourage you to enter your profile in the “Classmate Profile” area and to update it over time. The mission of our web site is to create a vehicle to facilitate class reunions, offer a way for classmates to communicate over the foreseeable future, and  to remember those classmates who have fallen.  Here is your chance to create a “mini autobiography” and leave a little bit behind for posterity.  Your input be it interesting stories, pictures, or news, will be much appreciated and will make the site that much better.
Graduation Ceremony 1971  Remastered 8/27/2010
Graduation Ceremony 1971 Remastered 8/27/2010

This website is strictly for your enjoyment and entertainment.  It is an effort to bring back special memories of our high school days, forty-nine years ago, and an effort to help the classmates of 1971 contact each other.  In the year 2020, we in no way mean to offend anyone viewing this website, with its contents or its images.  The information in this website has been obtained by sources we deem reliable, and we have no way to guarantee its accuracy.

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