Who's Coming to the 50th Reunion?

Once we receive your registration form and payment to the 50th Reunion we will post the confirmation list for all to see.  
Thank you.....

UPDATED AS OF  01/22/2022



Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Albert Laredo
Barbara Parrish
Bill Johnson
Bill Proctor
Bonnie Hudspeth - Spouse
Cathy Cleaveland - Spouse
Cathy Bynum (Freemen)
Cheryl Elmer - Spouse
Chuck Vance - Spouse
Cindy Crook - Spouse
Cindy Goodsell - Spouse
Cynthia Satterwhite (Rueter)
David Agee
Deb Walding - Spouse
Debbie Laredo - Spouse
Debbie Pierce (Saucedo)
Debta Boerder - Spouse
Dinah Wright - Spouse
Doris Madina (Morrow)
Eric Hopkins - Guest
Erwin Rueter - Spouse
Greg Hill - Spouse
Greg Rardin
Greg Williams
Jack Bragg
Jack Cleaveland
Jan Horton - Spouse
Jim Goodsell
Jimmy Cass
John Blackburn
John Elmer
John Freeman
John Pate
John Rodriguez
Juanita Bragg - Spouse
Karen Norton - Spouse
Kathy Connolly (Vance)
Kayle Smith (Miller)
Kevin Fuess
Larry Boerder
Larry Morrow - Spouse
Laurie Agee - Spouse
Linda Carruth (Foreman)
Mark Jacobson
Mark Montgomery
Michael Scrima
Michael Swieczkowski - Spouse
Mike Smith
Nancy Rodriguez - Spouse
Nathan Margolis
Noma Naraine (Simpson)
Nonnie Russell (Barton)
Pat Hudspeth
Pat Rippetoe
Patti Hickerson (Hill)
Penny Fuess - Spouse
Phil Norton
Phillip Thompson
Randy Foreman - Guest
Randy Walding
Rebecca Burnett (Swieczkowski)
Rebecca Thompson - Spouse
Sandra Ninemire
Scott Stephens - Guest
Stefanie Newman (Cobb)
Steve Horton
Steve Simpson - Spouse
Suzy Williams - Spouse
Tom Crook
Warren Wright
Total 70 70